- Is there a way to place your own materials (e.g., fabrics) over existing objects? Also, is there a way to apply the materials (or photos of my own materials) to a general shape?

- Custom Materials - All objects, including general shapes, can be applied custom materials in Interior Design for iPad (IDFI). Make sure the photo is in your photo library, then open IDFI, open the shelf, tap on Materials --> User Materials --> Photos, and tap the button at the bottom of the shelf that says "Add a Photo". Now select the photo from your photo album. You can now drag and drop that photo onto any object.

Make sure the object you are trying to apply a material to is not contained inside another bigger object bounding box. The easiest way to do that is in walkthrough mode - drag the object outside of any other object so that it is free standing, apply the material to it, then drag it back to its original location.